Lexus RX

An In App Tablet Interstitial delivered through the eyes of glamorous 'millennial'. Controlled using native accelerometer and gyroscope allow for a truly unique and cutting edge experience.

Tool kit

In answer to a digital brief from CHI & Partners creative chum John Kelley and myself came up with a POV accelerometer driven In App Tablet interstitial ad that used shots from the shoot originally intended for press use.

The TV campaign shows a valet parking attendant enjoying the good life whilst driving the new Lexus RX. It's this POV that we used for the basis for a lot of the ideas.

The technical approach was to use the compass heading of the device to rotate a three.js sphere on to which the 'lifestyle' shots would be wrapped.

Then nest this into the reflective view from our styling ladies sun glasses.

To give the creative a more realistic feel the 'stereo' camera effect was used so the the left and right lense of the sunglasses display a slightly offset 3D sphere.

Here's the full ad in action.